LISTEN: ‘Disco Biscuits’ – Santaroena’s Third Single from Forthcoming Album Rogue

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source: Santaroena

Image All is Amazing

While his debut full-length record Rogue has yet to receive a proper release date, it’s seen a couple of singles before – namely the titular ‘Rogue’ and ‘Dreams You Never Wish Came’. Now edging closer to completion (it’s near, though we don’t have an exact date), Santaroena drops third single ‘Disco Biscuits’ to unsuspecting ears. Engineered by the young beatsmith himself and Akhyla’s YAHNA, the track diverges from the hefty bass-inclined, beat scene-inspired sound we’ve come to expect of his output. Instead, it’s uncharacteristically heavier on the synths, making it decidedly more dance-y – an inspired sonic choice that really plays to Santaroena’s ethos of being undefined by genre conventions, and perhaps hinting at how sonically varied Rogue would be.

Stream the track below:

Keep your eyes peeled to Santaroena’s Facebook here for the album’s release.