LISTEN: Death Cab for Yeezy

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For a frenzied microsecond on the internet, a fan of Kanye West and Weezer released into the world Yeezer, a mashup project of the two acts. This fun homage was pincered apart by pundits (The Needle Drop hated it, but who cares what Fantano thinks?) and disappeared from the internet almost immediately due to copyright issues. With the debut of Kanye’s The Life of Pablo and Yeezy Season 3 today as well as the imminent arrival of Death Cab in KLDeath Cab for Yeezy has never been more opportune. The mysterious producer has selected songs largely from Kanye’s 2004 debut album The College Dropout and from DCFC’s Plans and Transatlanticism. Though it’s slightly disconcerting to hear Kanye ruminating about his relationship with God while Ben Gibbard offers his eternal commitment to a loved one in ‘Jesus Walks/ I Will Follow You Into The Dark’, we shan’t become too critical. We really like ‘Touch The Sky/ Soul Meets Body’ because it melds best musically, which is your favourite?

Listen to the mashups below:

Death Cab For Cutie will perform at KL Live on Saturday 27 February ’16, purchase tickets here. Replay Yeezy Season 3 on TIDAL here