LISTEN: Dagmxy’s ASA Teaser Mix

source: Expansions Collective

We’ve been unearthing a multitude of insanely skilled French producers lately in our quest into the depths of Soundcloud — and Doc Mastermind is another one of them. In this new project alongside Go Yama and Axion117 (that’s one hell of a multinational collective!), everything you thought you had known about any of them can be thrown out the metaphorical window. We see all three of them coming together at what they do best as Dagmxy through the six-minute-long ASA teaser mix, each of their respective aesthetics fall into place — showcasing different sides to the soundscape, eclectically complementing each other with trippy beats, glitchy breaks, and a dose of that luscious French jazz influence. And it works. Dig it? ASA is set for a Wednesday 3 September ’14 release via Expansions.

The album also comes in a limited edition cassette tape, pre-order here.