LISTEN: Dae Kim’s ‘Baby Blue (feat. Ryota Katayama)’

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source: Dae Kim

Image Chris Pereira

If you remember, Dae Kim had just assembled a Valentine’s mixtape with The Shakes last month. Called by a portmanteau of the latter’s lovelorn Songs About Her mixtape and Dae’s forthcoming album </3?, the mix was perhaps sort of a tease to the tone of the upcoming LP. Now, we can verify that; he’s finally released the first single off </3? and yes, it’s similarly inclined to confounding romanticism.

Though it may just be a three and half minute track, it is still a sizable collaboration project between him and three other artistes. Ryota Katayama contributes his sweetly soporific vocals to the track that inevitably builds with skimming drums and, by way of Anthony of mutesite and Lee Meng Shiong, guitar that brightens — a skillful juxtaposition by Dae Kim. Credit also goes to Meng Shiong — whose track record varies from the indie acoustic of Katayama to the clamorous ‘Istinggar‘ by math rock instrumentalists Dirgahayu — for the impeccable mixing and mastering of the track.

Wallow in it below:

</3? is set for a Sunday 26 April ’15 release date. More from Dae Kim here.