LISTEN: Cosmo’s Midnight’s The Dofflin EP

source: Cosmo's Midnight

With accomplished flagbearers such as the enigmatic Flume leading the charge alongside other first rate producers the likes of Ta-ku and Wave Racer, the fertile grounds of the land down under have been churning out artistes at breakneck speed, with Sydney twins Cosmo’s Midnight exemplary of the astounding progress that their scene has accomplished in such a succinct period. Pinning their names on the map with last year’s critically acclaimed debut, ‘Surge’, the duo has genre-hopped all the way across the board, covering everything from the ambient tunes that we enjoyed on their introductory EP, to remixes of classic Top 40 hits and their more recent Jersey-inspired tracks, all have been embellished with a masterful combination of perfectionist polish, grinding grooves and a vintage touch of class. If you’re into Cashmere Cat and Flume, Cosmo’s Midnight might just do the trick for you too.

Listen to their The Dofflin EP below:

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