LISTEN: Cønfucius & f r s Are On Some Sailing Team Tip with Outside EP

source: Cønfucius

One of the few members of HOAX Vision that we’ve yet to cover, Cønfucius nevertheless possesses raw talent that’s equal in size to his girth. Among fellow HOAX cohorts, his appropriation of the new ATL aesthetic sounds closest to its source – here, on collaborative EP Outside with producer f r s, that inspiration still holds true, but instead of taking references from Awful Records, the two crib from Lil Yachty’s brand of Nickelodeon trap. The cover art alone would tell you as much, and Cønfucius’s nigh cartoony singing voice informs the same. But of course, it would be reductive to speculate their reference points; f r s’ melodious, lush production here distinguishes the release just enough to avoid glib comparisons, and perhaps due to having recorded it outside the HOAX studio for “once,” there is a level of care here that belies the collective’s DIY, whatever goes approach.

Stream Outside EP below:

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