LISTEN: Charles & Eddie’s ‘Would I Lie To You (Jena Cover feat. VJ)’

source: Jena

’90s r’n’b enthusiasts would probably recognise the song title ‘Would I Lie To You’ more than the name of the one-hit wonder duo responsible for it, Charles & Eddie. That assumption doesn’t diminish the track one bit though, instead the decades-spanning familiarity of ‘Would I Lie To You’ gives more credence to its quality and longevity — even if Charles & Eddie fell into the abyss of obscurity early on in their shortlived career. Naturally, it’s about time that that decade’s r’n’b magnum opus gets the quintessential SoundCloud gen remake; Jena eschews the glitch and melodic blips of his preferred aesthetics and goes straight for the lowtemp ambient hip hop that has characterised Appleby and Spooky Black — nu r’n’b acts closer to the bedroom producer scene than the mainstream. Collaborator and newcomer VJ gives the pained vocal work expected of this genre, delivering a different mood to the track than Charles & Eddie’s early ’90s kitsch.

Listen to the cover below:

Listen to the original here. More from Jena here.