LISTEN: Caribou’s ‘Our Love’

Source: Dan Snaith

Very few modern performers possess the ability to convey feelings and emotive strength in the same way that Caribou has done consistently with his music — and ‘Our Love’ isn’t any different. The repetitive lyric of his album’s title track doesn’t seem to need further explanation as Caribou takes us on a journey through atmospheric space and time, with different motifs exemplifying exactly what he’s trying to get across, to us anyway. Moods, affectations, and sweet nothings don’t need to be communicated through verbal means, the dynamics of the tune rise and fall, with the tune switching up and off at a rapid pace, but only to come back stronger than ever before. Maybe we’re reading a little too much into it, but it doesn’t matter, does it?

Our Love LP will be released on 4 October in Germany and 6 October in the UK/EU via City Slang, and 7 October in Canada and the Sates via Merge.

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