LISTEN: Brandon Flowers’ ‘Can’t Deny My Love’

source: Brandon Flowers

Whatever you thought of Brandon Flowers‘ first solo record Flamingo, the Killers frontman has an impending sophomore entitled The Desired Effect coming out in May. The undeniable ’80s inspired album cover serves as gauge for Flower’s renewed musical direction that deviates from both the Killers and his first solo effort. We are introduced to his apparent foray into synth pop that’s redolent of the ’80s, such as the drum beat and Caribbean steel drum, which — to put it blatantly — reminds us of Phil Collins (good or bad comparison, we’re leaving it vague). But when the chorus erupts, the revival of the bygone era is befitting of today’s musical context.

Stream it below:

The Desired Effect is expected to release on 18 May ’15, you can pre-order the album here.