LISTEN: Black Kray’s ‘LUV U BWOI R.I.P (Prod. Mushroom Buttons & Rath)’

source: Black Kray

Cult figure of the lo-fi rap scene indebted to early ’90s Memphis (as popularised by SpaceGhostPurrp), Black Kray is no stranger to producers with an affinity for anachronism and ironic aesthetics on the internet. One of which happens to be Malaysia’s own Mushroom Buttons — and as you can already tell from the headline, together with Rath, they managed to get Gvcci Kray La Goth on a beat. ‘LUV U BWOI R.I.P’ is off mixtape STILL STRUGLIN STILL SHINNIN, released just a couple of months ago (though dated 12 June ’02 on Bandcamp), but Shroom Butts and Rath were only made aware of it when the former downloaded the record early this month. If the beat struck a familiar chord, it’s due to the fact that the instrumental version was released on HOAX Hates U — Black Kray chose to rap over the unmixed beat, of course. Aesthetics over everything.

Purchase the mixtape here, or stream the Mushroom Buttons and Rath-produced track below:

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