LISTEN: Bastard x f r s’ Lost Files From Berlin

source: Bastard

If one were to associate any music project with Berlin, techno would immediately flood the mind. So, inspired by his current stint there as a student, HOAXVision‘s Bastard roped in producer f r s [Akhyla/HOAX] to drop a collection of tracks that find themselves appropriating the industrial dance arenas of the notorious warehouse parties the city is known for. With that imagery in mind, the hip hop tracks here are deep, at times sensuous and stylish, but with most of the experiences relying on an elastic beat to retain the underground club sensibility throughout the varied tones and moods of the songs. The newer tracks – ‘Let’s Go OK?’, ‘Thru the Runway’, and ‘Guns & Roses’ – are no doubt more learned in its adoption of the city’s aesthetics, while the rest of the previously released tracks seem near out of place. As written in its SoundCloud description, this was meant to be a proper mixtape that didn’t quite work out — imagine if the whole collection were as consistent as the three aforementioned tracks.

Take a listen below:

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