LISTEN: Bass Sekolah’s The Dusun Sessions

source: Bass Sekolah

It seems like these days when you hear Bass Sekolah, the Dusun will immediately come after that thought: Both the single and the music video for ‘Lighthouse’ were conceived in the tropical eco resort in the Berembun jungle. For their latest release, the duo has curated The Dusun Sessions, which is basically the outcome of international electronic producers converging in the retreat for a very productive holiday. Perera Elsewhere, Daedelus, and Phon.o — all of whom are featured on the Lighthouse Remixed EP — appear once again for this mix along with Skinnerbox, Trench Dreamer, Housemeister, and EWOTCO to contribute to the making of the eleven-track release. The Dusun Sessions combines the serenity of the organic sounds found in the cradle of mother nature and the technical, human tinkering of electronic beats and vocals. It goes from downbeat choons to the stylings of spoken word and to some unique soundscapes untethered from any genre, but maybe the oft-repeated, oft-vague ‘future r’n’b’ label — as they described– would be adequate enough of a descriptor.

Listen to it below:

The mix is available for download here and here. More from Bass Sekolah here