LISTEN: Bass Sekolah’s ‘Lighthouse’ Remixed EP

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source: Bass Sekolah

We learnt about Bass Sekolah‘s Lighthouse EP back when we featured the track’s official video last month. If you’ve wondered about how the disparate collection of international DJ-producers’ respective takes on the single would turn out, here’s your wish granted. The track arrangement is astute; beginning with the grimy underground Berlin club vibe of Phon.o, to the sounds of the “beating heart of [Daedelus‘s] previous visits to Malaysia,” to a sedate reworking by Perera Elsewhere. The pace picks up with Beatspoke‘s remix that introduces a female perspective into the track, while Night Marks Electric Trio speckles in some coastal beats and hyped up frenetic beats. When it’s Tokyo juke act Boogie Mann‘s turn, Darren Ashley’s vocals get chopped up into spastic twitches, making for a quite frenzied climax. The tone of the EP settles back to its original state with Filewile and sauce81, but with the addition of some idiosyncratic tinkering from the Swiss band and the Japanese producer respectively. Finally, the EP concludes with the untouched original track.

Take a listen below:

Pre-order their vinyl here or download the EP via iTunes here.