LISTEN: Aurora’s ‘Under Stars’

Source: John T. Pedersen

Aurora Aksnes is a Norwegian newcomer that has taken the Scandinavian world by storm this year; she’s been nominated for several rookie lists, and is starting to garner international acclaim over the rest of the Western sector. Since the release of her first track on SoundCloud, ‘Awakening‘, the teenager has been in for a wild ride, taking her across the Atlantic to the US, into MTV, and back out the other side again, leaving bystanders captivated to no end. It’s not just her blonde features, or her irresistible voice, there’s just something else about her music — that extra special sauce that you don’t get with every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the radio. Hints of Lauren Mayberry’s cute vocal aesthetic and Ellie Goulding-like rhapsodic reaches and runs permeate the surface of her tunes, just take a listen, and you’ll get what we’re talking about.

She calls it pop-folk. We call it magic.

Listen to more Aurora here (it’s just one other track for now, but there’s more stuff on YouTube, and an album on the way!).