LISTEN: Anamida’s ‘The Enemy’ and ‘The Help’

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We can close this week for the CNY holidays with the discovery of singer-songwriter Anamida, or Juliana Amida Ibrahim, who’s a part-time vocal coach and the sister to the brotherly half of dance punk/indie electronica band Enterprise. Though the songs she has recently uploaded – ‘The Enemy’ and ‘The Help’ – are simply just demos, we must say that the quality of the production could have fooled us. Just as her brothers have a proclivity towards synthesisers, Anamida’s two outputs are the same as well. Comparatively, ‘The Enemy’ is less adorned by the bold flooding of synths and the restraint highlights Anamida’s gentle vocals. ‘The Help’, on the other hand, is dramatic with shining displays of synths, but again, we particular enjoyed when the music dips and it hums like an engine put on neutral, foregrounding her echoing voice.

Turn up the volume and listen to the tracks below:

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