LISTEN: Analog K’s Self-Titled EP

source: Analog K

Analog K released the lead single for his EP, ‘Neko’, with Anamida over a month ago, and now his self-titled EP has finally arrived. ‘Over You’ has Julia Duclos’ vocals manipulated and chopped to be used like an instrument whereas ‘Neko’ has a slight oriental slant to it as Anamida sings about a heartbreak as she coos with the twinkles and bells. ‘Chessur’, like a prelude to ‘Neko’, has electronic chirping and wiry synths that separates itself from sounding too similar to the happy-sad song that follows it. With his frequent collaborator Leo Ari, ‘Colours in My Dream’ is beaming with soul while end track ‘8’ is the EP’s second instrumental song – a Daft Punk-ish, quick paced track for the dance floor.

Listen to the EP below:

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