LISTEN: AM444’s Dark Show EP

source: AM444

Image Benoit Florencon

AM444 is the moniker of the Chinese-Dutch project consisting of vocalist ChaCha and DJ-producer Jay Soul whose musical profile is so complex and varied that they can only describe it as “Björk’s Chinese relative hanging out with the Dutch step brother of J Dilla.” For their latest EP Dark Show, the overall tone has taken a dive into deeper depths. The Mandarin delivery of the songs is not a hindrance to the listening experience but rather, the foreign language further compounds the EP’s dark sensuality. It’s no wonder ChaCha is so well-celebrated for her singing prowess; the way in which she manipulates her vocals, her moans come out with slight trill on the downbeat tracks. Jay Soul is similarly deft with his production capabilities. The tracks move from a coherent flow of space-y rhythms to trip hop to deep house. Last but not least, Singaporean act Forrane reimagines the titular song by stretching it into a somnambulant jazzy tune.

Check it out below:

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