LISTEN: Alli Simpson’s ‘Why I’m Single (Lido Remix)’

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Lido 2

Listening to Alli Simpson’s pitch-shifted voice is like a throwback to Akon’s ‘Lonely’ way back when. Sorry Peder, but it’s just fucking annoying. Everything else about the tune is just spot on though. Lido’s been one of the most active producers this past year ( if we aren’t mistaken, we’ve posted about him more times than any other artiste this year), and it’s interesting to see just how much he’s grown and matured musically in 2014 alone. He’s gotten a lot more daring with his percussive breaks and syncopation, and his trademark jazzy runs just keep getting more and more interesting. Mark our words, next year is going to be a huge one for this Scandinavian beast.

This one goes out to the single ladies.

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