LISTEN: Akhyla | Volume One

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source: Akhyla

Initially a decision made on the eleventh hour leading up to KAIN’s launch of Cold/Headlock EP, Akhyla’s first compilation, titled just Volume One, was given out to the early-comers of that release party. That would explain the homemade “pirate styled [sic] CD sleeve” of the compilation – DIY af, yo. Now given an official release, Volume One is label founder Mustaqim Arifin’s (VMPRMYTH) acknowledgement of Akhyla’s exponential growth, put out in commemoration of the label’s first anniversary since its inception mid-last year. Consisting of 12 tracks by 10 of the DJ-producers in their current lineup, the compilation includes earlier releases (KAIN’s ‘Headlock’ and ‘Cold’, Yoshi’s ‘Air’, Shelhiel’s ‘Baby’, Nero One’s ‘Tremors’, VMPRMYTH’s ‘Apple Pie Guy’ and ‘Can’t Be Ignored [feat. Nemo]’) and newer output (DecemberKid’s ‘Ataraxia [feat. Takeru]’, Anorak’s ‘July 4th in Chinatown’, Reddi Rocket’s ‘Wheat’, Yahna’s ‘Duraga’, Nemo’s ‘Peng Ga Li’). As per norm with their brand of music – and as confirmed by the album’s EPK – each of the songs featured isn’t of a genre “easily categorised,” but it doesn’t take a music scholar to recognise them as the purveyors of current bass music based in Malaysia.

Stream the album below:

Akhyla | Volume One is available digitally and physically (in limited amount) via Bandcamp.