LISTEN: Akhyla Pres. thruoutin

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source: Akhyla

We first came across Beijing-based producer thruoutin through Service (The Shanghai Mixes) released early this year; the multi-instrumentalist showcased his finesse in traditional instruments as he incorporated them seamlessly within his electronica production. The Akhyla crew has taken it upon themselves to reimagine a select few of thruoutin’s tracks from a span of a few years. Fitting, the bass music-inclined collective and thruoutin already have a common interest and proclivity for oriental instruments. There is a certain cleanliness that can be found in thruoutin’s tracks, leaving plenty of room for KAIN, Reddi Rocket, VMPRMYTH, and YAHNA to suffuse grit and murkiness into their individual experimentation.

Take a listen below:

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