LISTEN: Adam Kasturi’s ‘Karma (feat. Leo Ari)’ (Mushroom Buttons Remix)

source: Mushroom Buttons

The Adam Kasturi-produced ‘Karma’ was the first collaborative effort between the bedroom producer and the now internet-null artist Leo Ari. Both being informed by the digital age, the avant-pop track was a match made in post-internet paradise that complemented each other’s artistic tendencies. Almost two years after its release, we can add a third figure into that mix; Mushroom Buttons. A much delayed remix of the original (Shroombutts had the stems since last year), his reworking of the track is just as much a product of internet culture – lost is its avant-garde beat, replaced by a production reminiscent of whitearmor that comes complete with Bladee-like adlibs sung by Shroombutts himself.

Listen to the track below:

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