LISTEN: Adam Kasturi’s ‘Apartment Noureen’

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source: Adam Kasturi

Acquired taste or not, our love for Adam Kasturi’s autotuned singing just grew with the release of ‘Apartment Noureen’. It’s tempting to namecheck #SADBOYS or Shield Gang when expounding on Adam’s affinity for that brand of vocal styling, but his is much less incomprehensible than the vaguely morose lyrics of Thaiboy Digital and Ecco2k — nary the irony too. What is there however, is the immutable cold dread that previously was only referred to in self-aware terms when describing the Scandinavian sad wave of bedroom musicians. Hell, it might be the words that transcend this track, Adam Kasturi is after all a modern day beat poet — you won’t be hearing Yung Lean singing lines like”Dan ketika masa berhenti/ Aku tengok tamadun perlahan musnah (And when time stops/ I witness the slow destruction of civilisation)” anytime soon, we bet.

Get your emo on below:

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