LISTEN: +2dB’s + EP

In time for the launch party tomorrow night at Under9, +2dB’s debut EP is now out digitally on Bandcamp. From the moment Jeannie’s haunting wail crescendos on the moody intro,  the 6-track EP (8 if you count the bonus tracks) fulfils the very promise they showed on their first track ever; the GarageBand-borne ‘Syren’. Featuring collaborative tracks with fellow electronic acts  Pastel Lite and Like Silver, the rest of the concise record doesn’t veer off from the vibe you’d expect from the duo, but there’s now a jaunty quality to some of their tunes (‘Fall’ in particular). That’s not to say it’s necessarily happy music, although you wouldn’t slit your wrist to it either. Look out for a full review in our upcoming May issue.

Purchase + EP for USD6.99 here. NB4T Pres. A Joint Launch of +2dB’s EP and VMPRMYTH’s LP is happening tomorrow night at 8pm @ Under9, Ming Annexe.