VIDEO: Lil Dicky on Aliens, Dinosaurs, and God in ‘Pillow Talking’

Do you like long songs? No? Okay, Led Zeppelin were just a band.

But if you like dinosaurs, aliens, theories on evolution and God, and keep up with the rivalry between Uber and Lyft, then Lil Dicky’s new music video for ‘Pillow Talking (feat. [Lil Dicky’s Brain])’ should keep you entertained for the entire 10 minutes and 54 seconds of its running time. No short-film here, just a straight-up music video illustrating the comedy-rap opus that appeared on his 2015 debut album Professional Rapper.

On the other hand, if you like anti-poser shit, then Lil Dicky is the kind of rapper that doesn’t really care about coming off as cool. He just creates shit for us to laugh about although it might keep the more conspiracy-prone among us up at night.

Checkout Lil Dicky’s weird pillow talk session below:

Age is not a factor. This granny can spin!