Like A Rolling Stone

I’m From Rolling Stone is required viewing for candidates for the position of JUICE writer. Are we saying we’re Rolling Stone? No. But we are saying if you want to stick a mic in the face of Pete Tong or gain some face time with Miss E you could do worse than to learn from the mistakes of six young writers who make their bid to land a job at the world’s finest rock rag.

I’m from Rolling Stone, screening on MTV this March, follows the real life tribulations of 6 young writers who are given the  opportunity of a lifetime – a summer working as writers for Rolling Stone in New York City. They fight over assignments, struggle to land celebrity interviews, race against deadlines, and sometimes make an ass of themselves all in the hopes of seeing their words and byline in the pages of the legendary music magazine.

With only one coveted position available, some coast by on talent, and others do it to hang out with P Hill’s mum, and some ruin their chances by acting like a rock star. Find out who has the “write stuff” to win the staff writer’s position and the right to say, “I’m from Rolling Stone.” … Then come and ask JUICE for an internship.

I’m From Rolling Stone hits screens on Wednesday March 25 at 2.30pm Malaysian time on MTV.