Lightships: ‘Two Lines’

Like sitting alone on a beach, not having to worry about anything at all, Lightships’ ‘Two Lines’ has a calming, relaxing effect on the listener. Even the video seems to have magic relaxing properties that make you want to lean back in your chair and imagine the warm breeze in your face. Great for lazy afternoons and slow weekends, this song is a great addition to your chill out playlist.

Lightships is a new band formed by singer-songwriter Gerard Love, originally from Teenage Fanclub. The album, Electric Cables, sees Gerard team up with former Teenage Fanclub colleagues Dave McGowan and Brendan O’Hare, as well as with Tom Crossley on the flute (The Pastels) and Bob Kildea on the bass (Belle & Sebastian). ‘Two Lines’ is a delicate song that will melt your stress away and put you into a catatonic state… Well, not quite, but you know what we mean!

Lightships’ album Electric Cables is available for pre-order here. Click on the video to listen to the song and watch those worries just fly away…