Lightships: ‘Sweetness In Her Spark’

Remember a short while ago we introduced you guys to Lightships with the single ‘Two Lines’? It was a really wonderful track that made you feel like going to the beach and feeling the sand between your toes. The band is formed by singer-songwriter Gerard Love of ’90s legend Teenage Fanclub, you folks in your late 20s and early 30s should know ’em. Recently, they’ve released a new single to soothe your tired bones, ‘Sweetness In Her Spark’. The song is from their debut album, Electric Cables, and has the same summery vibe as ‘Two Lines’. This time though, it’s got more romantic feel to it, as if it was sung and recorded in the beginning days of a relationship.

The video was directed by Forest Of Black and was shot in Glasgow. It looks like it was shot on a film analogue camera, with lots of light leaking and double exposing, which makes for a very dreamy effect. ‘Sweetness In Her Spark’ is perfect for all you loverboys out there who want to make your girlfriend swoon and blush at how sweet you are. It demands for you to play it loudly, dance to it as if no one is watching and begs that you throw open all the windows so that sunlight fills every dark corner.

Let the ‘Sweetness In Her Spark’ carry you away! Sail away with Lightships by logging onto Lightship’s album Electric Cables is available for pre-order here.