Lightning Bolt

There are 2 types of people, winners and people who want to be winners but hey just aren’t. It’s easy to pick out the folks in the former category they are the ones that get the most gold stars in class or win the most medals at sports. There’s no confusing in which rarefied category 3-time Olympic Champion and world record holder for the 100m and 200m titles, Usain Bolt exists within. The dude has his own signature winning move for heaven’s sake. It’s been nicknamed the lightning bolt and since emulating that move will only make you look like a double losers, Puma has come up with a nifty idea: they get Usain to it for you with Bolt Arms.

Puma’s Bolt Arms are made of yellow styrofoam and come with velcro straps so that you can strap ’em to your back. It’s like wearing wings, only they’re arms. Heh.

Not sure how these will work? Watch the 2 videos below for a laugh and an idea. Seems even being a winner has its hazards.

We gotta say Bolt Arms are a love or hate kind of deal. We’re on the fence with this one. On the bad side it entertained us for a mere 5 seconds, on the good side our attention span only lasts 5 seconds. Is that a doughnut?

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Grab Bolt Arms while you can. There are only limited quantities of these arms around the world.