life is full of stumbling blocks….

Sure, you think you know the Internet like the back of your hand. Fancy yourself a human Google, even. Able to string off URL after URL for almost any topic, eh? Hogwash. is here, and you don’t even know the half. I “stumbled upon” through a friend (cred goes to DJ Mac of The Works, you know how we do) and it’s done wonders for my surfing adventures. The concept of the add-on, which works with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, is pretty simple: you register yourself, fill in a form about what you like to check out online, and after those few simple steps are done, you install a “Stumble” button onto your web browser. Click on said button, and hey! you’re checking out a new, completely random website on, say, digital photography, sci-fi movies, English literature, online comic strips, weird tech gadgets, or music news. My preferences are pretty geeky, but you can customise your own.)