Life Is A Many Splendour Thing

So here’s the story – Back in July, I get this mail in my Inbox: AirAsia want me to jump onboard an Air Asia X flight, jet into the Gold Coast, and catch a music festival. You see, one of the region’s coolest budget carrier wants to be the airline to get folks like you and me to the world’s hottest festivals, and with their network of destinations now encompassing cities like London, Melbourne, Perth, Taipei, Mumbai, New Delhi and more (with further cities being lined up), there’s nothing to stop any one of us from throwing our skinny jeans and rock tees in a duffel back, packing out passport and toothbrush and zipping across the world to hang at Latitude, Laneway or the Bollywood awards. The idea of AirAsia taking you there is very real. So real in fact they want to show me; I’m headed to I’m off to catch Australia’s hottest tix right now – Splendour In The Grass. Woohoo!!!

Image: Splendour In the Grass 2009

I did drop a mention on Twitter a while back that I’ll be making my way to the now sold out Splendour on Air Asia X, but now that I’ve got my ETA sorted (this was so easy, I am starting to get worried) and I have my flight tix in hand, I feel I can finally share.

Here in Malaysia, Air Asia RedTix has already established the brand as one to put you in the front row, first with tix to Zee Avi’s concert in KL and now with tix to SINGfest in Singapore, which is set to be headlined by Mr (Kanye) West, Smashing Pumpkins and 30 Seconds To Mars. Big! A budget airline that then also wants to take you to festivals that are far flung and be your passport to entertainment – well that’s just one big fat bonus. So back to the fest at hand – Splendour In the Grass here’s what my invite said:

“Air Asia X would like to invite you to one of Australia’s ultimate 3 day music festivals, Splendour in the Grass. Splendour 2010 is taking place from Friday July 30th to Sunday August 1st and will be held at Woodfordia in Woodford Queensland. The site is between the Brisbane Valley and Sunshine Coast Hinterland and is the traditional home of the Woodford Folk Festival. It is in a rural valley surrounded by natural bushland with plenty of native wildlife and a superb view of the Glass House Mountains from the hill-top above the festival grounds.”

And if you think that sounds plum, howzabout the itinerary: I’ll be jetting out on board Air Asia X on Wednesday 28th July and arriving in Gold Coast Thursday morning, where upon after meeting the gorgeous and genius-like group of people from Air Asia that invited me, I then get to board the Air Asia rock bus (I kid you not, this what the invite says!) to Woolford approximately 1 1/12 hrs away, check into the camp grounds and set up base in a private van, which will be my digs for the next 4 nights.

The next 3 days will be a whirlwind of bands and interviews, backstage hobnobbing and trying to procure way to many signatures on my body for possible tattoos later on. Unfortch there’s no wireless access here so while I had planned on blogging from the venue, looks like I’ll have to put that scheme on hold. Instead I’ll do my utmost to tweet and tweet pic you. Just follow me and the rest of the JUICE crew at

I’ll be back on the Gold Coast on Monday August 2nd and ought to be able to post stories and pix then. After which I get turfed out in time to hit the flight back to KL on Tuesday. Except I won’t be on that flight because that’s when I go on holiday. Yeah, I know, like that wasn’t a holiday already right? Ah well….

I tell you all about my digs and who’s gonna be festing with me in the next post. More deets on Air Asia offers, Air Asia X flights and AirAsia RedTix dates at