Levi’s #GoForth for Thanda.org

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Instead of tweeting ‘I can’t choose between the red or black top’, you can try tweeting this: ‘One tweet will help feed & educate 145 children in South Africa orphaned by AIDS. RT now to help @LEVIS support @Angela Larkan #GoForth’

Levi’s ‘Go Forth’ social media challenge supports individuals who are fighting for a cause by using social media as a platform to create awareness for the causes and hopefully spark change. This second time round Levi’s social media challenge involves utilizing Twitter to help Angela Larkan, founder of Thanda.org.

Over half a million South African children have been left parentless due to HIV/AIDS. Angela Larkan’s Thanda.org focuses on developing sustainable assistance for the kids through education. Her after school program Thanda After-School is currently supporting 325 children and is hoping to be able to reach out to many more. So do a small part by tweeting to create some hype about something worthwhile and remember to #GoForth!

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