Lets Nook Our Money

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Mention the word “Nooka” to anybody and you’ll get people waxing lyrical about Nooka’s futuristic designed watches and its unique (or confusing) way of telling the time. Who needs the old boring conventional way of reading the time when you have a Nooka? Now you can say the same with your boring, old wallet. Nooka gets nifty and has branched out and are now trying to organize your cash and plastic with their Nooka Asset Organiser or as they call it The AO.

The AO os a multi purpose card/cash thingamajig that can be adapted to what you need in a wallet. Made from silicone rubber, this 4 compartment AO can fit just about anything like cash, plastic, your IC, your driving licence and even pictures of your 6 cats and because of the rubber-like texture its expandable, water-resistant and most importantly for guys who like to put their wallets in their bum pocket, its comfortable to sit on.

Like the watches the AO comes in an array choice of colours for you to choose from. We are sure tempted to buy one…

The Nooka Asset Organizer is retailed at US$35 and is available at www.nooka.com

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