Let’s Make Out: Videos Featuring Mouths

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We’ve noticed a little trend in music videos of late here at JUICE, and that is they all prominently feature people’s mouths. While we’re not sure what started this trend, we are enjoying it!  We’ve compiled some delicious videos below for your viewing and listening pleasure.

First up, Cassius from Ed Banger and the official video for ‘I love you so’. It’s a pretty sad day when artists are using music to sell their iphone apps, but still cool video, cool app and great song!


Up next is Robyn and ‘Dancehall Queen’, co-directed by Diplo, Red Foxx and Pomp & Clout. This reggae tinged and Diplo produced jam is an odd match for the retro feel of the video. Nevertheless, keep and eye out for a close up of some random, who is clearly not Robyn, singing during the chorus.


Lastly, Miami Horror and ‘Holidays’. Ok so this video doesn’t feature a mouth as we know it. What we have here is what happens when you make out with a microwave. It’s creepy, it’s weird and like a good car crash, we can’t stop starring….


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!