Got Milk?

Milk. It’s not just a white liquid that helps your bones grow strong; it’s oozing with luxury and sophistication. And no, a milk  is not elegant at all. We’re talking about the new heart of luxurious nightlife for all you party people who are getting bored of the same places every night.

Milk is made out of only the finest, and one step into the club screams Posh! If the plush interior design inspired by sexy Hollywood vibe meets contemporary glam isn’t enough to wow your socks off, then you should know that Milk’s centrepiece consists of an organic formed pillar with colourful mosaic. Thumbs up for the environmentally friendly folks!

Milk’s futuristic audio combined with the visually stunning DJ console serves well with their premium liquor/cocktails/wines in their fancy little glasses. Without a doubt, Milk is made for the swanky and glamorous folks who need a place to spend their cash. If you need to upgrade your social ladder, it’s the place to be seen in and revel in extravagant pleasure. Warning: Only if your wallet allows it.

MILK is due to open in Jan 2010. For more info, visit