Let Your Music be Heard with BandApp


Everyone wants to be a rockstar, but it is not easy getting from average chump to stardom. This rings especially true for independent musicians who not only have to master their craft, but play their own PR agent, manager and do whatever it takes to get their music out. Sure, in recent times things had been easier with the emergence of MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other bunch of social networks (Google+ we’re looking at you) but it is still no easy task. So any help for musicians to spend less time doing Marketing 101 and more Music Making 202 is greatly appreciated.

And here pops in BandApp. The brainchild of Adam Perry, drummer of The Bloodhound Gang (see Youtube above), the smartphone app allows bands to create their own app to serve as a gateway to the fans. Bands, artists and DJs can upload blogs, photos, videos, tour dates, merchandise, news, fan-wall and social networking tools, plus upload, sell and license music instantly on its very own BandAppStore. It’s like all social networking tools rolled into one and on mobile.

The way it works is that musicians can customise their own BandApp on the website and make it available for download to the public. Whenever the artist updates it, whoever that has their app will be automatically updated as well. For the bands, this means total control over the communication with their fans. And for the fans, this means firsthand knowledge on the artists without actually having to read about it in some edge alt lifestyle magazine (‘cept for JUICE, coz we cool dat way).

The service is free to both musicians and fans. Perry said “The idea of empowering thousands of unsigned bands, and giving them the tools is what excites me and inspired me to create BandApp. I really think we can make a big difference for bands everywhere looking to get noticed and sell music.”

Will this revolutionise how musicians market themselves and sell their music? Possibly. But anything that can help an independent artist out without all the bullshit red tape and barriers would definitely be well received by the music community. God knows we need more diversity in music rather than having JB blasted to us over and over again.

Bands who wants their own BandApp or fans who wants to know more, head to their website for more info.