Let The Clothes Speak For Themselves



Evidently rapper Nelly is not only well-versed in Country Grammar, but in hip hop gear as well. Together with his cousin Yomi Martin and Nick Loftis, the hip hop heavyweight launched Vokál in 1997. Just what does Vokál mean?! We asked the very same question. Says Nelly, it stands for “very organized kids always learning”. Good to know. What sets the urban label apart from others is the fact that it ditches big marketing budgets and standard logos and designs, favouring daring and unique designs and letting the clothes speak for themselves (get the pun). Launched in 1997, the brand basically grew alongside Nelly’s and rap crew St. Lunatics’ – of which Nelly is part – careers. The brand started out by selling shirts and hats in nightclubs, at events and out of the trunk of a car. And it has come a long way. By 2000, a year before its official collection was even launched, Vokál had sold more than 50,000 shirts. 2007 saw the brand starting its first ever European collection. Find yourself wondering where Nelly got his shirt, pants or hat from? Wonder no more. “Keep an eye on what I’m wearing, I’ll always be dressed in Vokál.” Alright Mr Cornell Haynes Jr.


Curious for more? Go to http://www.vokal.com/.