Let It Roll!

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Camwhores don’t annoy us at club nights. We just want proof that we had a blast the night before, lest amnesia sets in the next day. It happens. Trust us, we know. Now putting the most extreme of camwhores to shame, JUICE totes the new Sony Handycam that’s so portable it fits right into the smallest of handbags or the tightest of pockets on your skinny jeans. Beat that, still image cams! Onwards to motion picture. Heh heh.

Yes, nothing makes better conversation than the priceless evidence of your friends’ naughty frolics the night before what with the Sony Handycam’s Smile Shutter and Face Detection, plus a brand new feature that shoots smooth movements in low light. A picture may paint a thousand words, but motion picture knocks the socks off any regular still piccies. And when we say that you can now be the star of your own home production, we don’t mean the naughty kind. Or maybe we do. But only if you’re hot.

Log onto www.sony.com.my for more info.