Let’s Get Loud!

There’s a new night in town and it’s called Loud. Yessur, it’s by the incomparable DJ Blink and Goldfish. Rocking Zouk room every Saturday night, we asked the boys some questions to find out what the big deal is with Loud. Put on your earplugs.

What is Loud all about?
Blink Loud is all about education. Not necessary primary school teachings, but college level (smiles). It’s for people who’ve been through school and need higher learning in these subjects. In layman terms, we play big room music. It is practically dance music that’s made for large sound systems. The environment you’re in also depicts how the emotion comes through from the breakdowns. People should come check it out. In my opinion, Zouk KL is one of the clubs in Malaysia that will have that kind of sound system and size for this music. On another note, the music is very sexy.
Goldfish Well, we’ve been DJing for a while now and we have become great personalities on our own, but we figured we would be a stronger together! So we decided to merge on a collaborative experience to bring you guys the music we currently admire with a wiser attitude from the art direction to the music. And I quote, “for the new, its education, for the old its sophistication, and for us its determination!”

Why the name Loud?
Blink Well (former Head of Marketing and Communications of Zouk KL) Adam Mathews, Alvin (Goldfish) and I were brainstorming about the night and we said we needed a word that will sum up the music, the crowd and everything that’s involved with the night. Names like “Mega” and a few others came up, but “Loud” definitely came out strong. Oh, have you checked out www.youtube.com/ItsLouder? You’ll know the obvious reason why!
Goldfish Well, for what it’s worth really, it’s just “loud”! We’re getting louder every time we get on stage and to put Goldfish and Blink on a Saturday night stamp and that would be Loud.

How did it come about between you two?
Blink Goldfish and I have been good friends forever. To be honest, we share a lot of the same interests from the same clothes to shoes. That’s the truth right there. We even like the music we play individually. Last year we started working a lot again together through music production and we found a need to play this “Loud” music. So from a thought it gradually became a reality.
Goldfish Like B said, we’ve been friends and enemies forever. We realised we have never done a residency together. It’s usually events and such so we were like hmmmmmm. Then lightbulb! We share a similar musical taste so one day, as I was walking down the street… (Laughs) Nahhh. I figured we’d be unstoppable! Mainly we wanna keep dance music alive in Kuala Lumpur that’s why. “I’m in KL B!TCHHHHHH” Can I say that?

(Laughs) You just did! How different is it from your individual DJ sets?
Blink I would say its 75 to 80 percent different. The energy is totally different. I think the stuff I play as LapSap has this surging electrical energy whereas with Loud, there’s a whole lot of loved up and super loud emotional fun. Loud also allows me to play a lot of dance music that I will not play as LapSap. So it’s been pretty fresh.
Goldfish It’s completely different. I come from a disco, funk soul, trip, hip hop background and evolved into a mash-electro-pop. And he’s coming from a breakbeat and electro foreground. We’re pushing our love for house music right now! No more genres. It’s house music and it’s gonna be big. It will definitely be felt in the house!

What has the response been like?
Blink It has been amazing so far. On the launch night, I had peeps texting me from outside, saying that the line was till Shanghai! (Laughs)
Goldfish It has been, as we call it – epic. The crowd and the vibe has just been amazing and most importantly, we had great fun and epic emo-moments while playing. That’s important to keep the spirit alive. A lot of people well, lack those “wahhh”, havoc!!” and “woohoo!” moments.

What else can we expect from Loud?
Blink Planting more hearing aid centers in KL! Just joking! In terms of Loud, Alvin and I are planning to make a lot of music together to support this night. We are also planning on giving out a track free every month. We will update about this subject on Twitter very soon. Following us will benefit you (smiles).
Goldfish You guys can expect a whole lot of Loud-ness. Well, we’ve been busy in the studio, so there’s a lot of new music coming out for this. We’ve created a YouTube channel – have you seen it? Man … (laughs). Besides that, we’ve got CDs, mixes, t-shirts and we’re working on bringing guests as well. Trust me, “it’s gettin’ louder”- that’s my line.

Individually what else can we expect from you?
Blink I got the LapSap live show called Litterall that I’m working on together with XU which will debut on July 31st at the next Green Room [at KL Live] and more Grandmama’s outlets in KL. Of course, lots of music.
Goldfish At the moment, I’m trying to emerge as an artist and producer. I have a single out with Mr. Ipoh Mali, Point Blanc titled ‘Just A Miracle’, which I sang on the chorus and hook. It’s currently on Hitz.FM’s MET10 so please vote for it. I’m working closely with a younger rapper by the name of Caprice on an album. We have a single together coming out by the end of this month called ‘Take You To Mars’ That’s gonna be big. It’s gonna be real awesome, like absurd…. I’m also in the studio with my Loud buddy B and Melissa Indot. We’re generating dance anthems, so I’m pretty tied up musically right now.

Loud happens every Saturday night at Zouk. Check them out at www.youtube.com/itslouder and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter under the handles ‘Blink_LapSap’ and ‘alvingold’. Find out their ultimate Loud tracks in the July 2010 issue of JUICE.

Image Jules Streething