Lesbian Batwoman Ready For Take Off

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Fiery red hair, skin tight leather cat suit, and knee high red stiletto boots complete with a blood red bat symbol on her chest makes up one high profile gay but hot superhero, Batwoman.

Comic fans were recently treated to a sneak preview of the Batwoman at Comic Con in New York which is set to make her debut on bookshelves this June. Batwoman is the alter ego of Kathy Kane. This is following the shock of the death of her male counterpart the multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne who has been keeping the streets of Gotham City clean as Batman since 1939.

Writer Greg Rucka has no issues with her being a redhead or a lesbian either. June is set to be Kane’s most highest profile since she was outed in 2006. Hold on tight to your seats as the comic is said to be not shock proof.

Have a sneak into the first few pages here.

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