LISTEN: After a Long Sabbatical, Leo Ari Revisits ‘Burung Perawan’ With a 2.0 Update

You’re not imagining things, pained artist Leo Ari really did remove his stellar debut EP Love Must Be Real from SoundCloud and Bandcamp due to personal reasons. However, not only has he reuploaded the six-track album on YouTube – low-key with no prior announcement – but he’s also updated album highlight ‘Burung Perawan’ with a new edition.

Roping in the help of Analog K on co-production duties, synth-y singer-songwriter Anamida on backup vocals, and Yien on the saxophone, the nostalgic joy of ‘Burung Perawan 2.0’ is an appropriate comeback for Leo after a long sabbatical that was wreaked by the opposite of that. As he says in a statement, “[B]eyond music, beyond art, there is the human relationship, which is why we make art in the first place; to connect and communicate and make something out of this world that can be very dark if not treated.”

Stream it below:

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