Ledwina In: I Sold My Soul for JUICE

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source: Ledwina In

Leddy grew from an intern to an Account Manager with JUICE over the past four years and is moving on to be a Strategic Planner with Rev Asia in 2015. If you need relevant content ideas and space for your brand across multiple media platforms, you better have some serious dough – SHOW HER THE MONEY!

This is a love letter to a business I truly love. There are many of us who came into this as virgins and JUICE spat us all out as beasts and harlots. God only knows how many monsters we have created, but only the devil would know that AOM is the Mother of all Monsters. euseng seto (spell his name using only lower case, please) is the Father of All Things Cool. Melvin Tang is the illegitimate child of Kim Jong-il. Miranda Yeoh is a boy. Anwar Yahya is an asshole, and Ben draws pictures. To be part of this family is not for the faint-hearted, we bite and we tear each other apart but what matters the most is that we get sh!tfaced together at the end of the day as one dysfunctional family. I also once ruptured an ovarian cyst while at work, but maybe I’ll keep that story for another time.

It’s been one heck of a ride playing Sales Devil to JUICE. We sold your covers, we sold your words, hell we even sold your parties. I’m not ashamed, if you gave me the chance, I would even sell the interns and Edric’s left nut. All of these accusations of JUICE selling out? It stemmed from actions that were necessary in order to sustain ourselves rather successfully for the past 12 years from a financial stand point. So if you must hate on JUICE, hate on the people who own us, who make us do the things we do that makes you cringe. The rest of us are just here merely trying to get by with media perks while it lasts.

One thing not to mistake is the fact that JUICE is not a charity solely dedicated to supporting the local scene and it sure as hell is not entirely self-masturbatory. It is a business. It is a profitable and sustainable business that pays for all of my happy nights drinking that perfect pint of Heineken at Bait. Most importantly, it pays for my bosses’ fancy new car and his jet-setting lifestyle and his impending divorce. It’s a business that taught me that you can create and sell things out of thin air that doesn’t even belong to you. You just need to write about it in all the right angles with cleverly edited pictures to manipulate your audience (Did you even notice some not-so-subtle branding in this paragraph?). I’m hooked, you had me at “integrated marketing solutions.” Whatever the fuck that means. And all at the same time if we so happened to write about your sh!tty album or sh!tty event which propelled you to fame and thousands of page views, so be it. At least we’re not a blog, we still have some form of dignity intact.

I am still single. I have two loving cats and low-blood pressure from excessive drinking. I also used to be human until I sold my soul for JUICE.

No regrets though.

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