Lechal: Tech Meets Footwear


The ongoing pursuit of fusing high end technology with apparels will never stop. Progression is inevitable, the integration of everyday wear with technology will always be innovated on a daily basis. Although many still haven’t begin to accept techwear, the fact that smaller and smaller companies are coming out with unique tech is astounding. Enter Lechal, a tech company based in India that focuses on interactive haptic footwear. What’s that you ask? Basically, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled shoe and an insole that interact with your smartphone, which allows you to set your destination and receive vibratory feedback showing you the appropriate route, set fitness goals, keep track of your steps and calories burnt, create workouts, and track your activity. You can even get automatic notifications of landmarks around you and an alert letting you know that you left your phone behind. Super cool, right? Just check out their video below:

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