Leaks We Love

Sonic Youth’s latest album release date may be 9 June, but it might not even matter because it is highly likely that their fans may already have their tracks in their hands. The band started previewing their upcoming album on iLike but the tracks were already leaked on the net from as early as late April.

The Eternal started appearing on upload sites before spreading like wildfire around the world wide web through different file sharing and streaming sites. Nonetheless, Sonic Youth’s upcoming album release date still remains the same.

Another band that has unfortunately (though not to most of us!) suffered the same fate is the Black Eyed Peas album The END, as tracks from their new album are seen leaked one by one online. Sources even say that the Japanese version of the complete album – with 2 bonus tracks can already be ripped.

It really isn’t surprising to either Sonic Youth or Black Eyed Peas. Eminem’s, Wilco’s and U2’s releases are only the few of many albums that have been leaked in the past 6 months. Most music bloggers comment that dedicated fans will still buy an album when it is released even though they have ripped it off online before its release date. Look at Eminem’s Relapse. It is Billboard’s current #1 on the album chart list – perhaps his little publicity stunt with Bruno at the MTV Movie Awards last week helped boost his popularity?

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