Lazada Might Get Your Order Wrong for Now

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The 83% Ali Baba Group-owned company, Lazada Malaysia, is going downhill this month. A few complaints here and there are normal but the amount that is flooding the Lazada Facebook page recently is at an all time high. Trust, people are super pissed.

According to a Lowyat Forum, the problems reported range from missing order after payment has been made, to missing deliveries, to unprocessed refunds as well as non responsive customer service.

Apparently, Lazada has come forward and stated that they are working on a system upgrade. Wouldn’t it be more ethical if they announced this sooner, and not after everyone is attacking them? Here’s their statement on the situation:

Even though this might be their first bump on the road, it’s affecting a lot of people, including their sellers.

So before you make a purchase today at Lazada’s website, we encourage you to lek jap and wait till the situation is completely solved.

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