Lapsap Take Boys Noize Out On The Town!

Boys Noize was in town in October to celebrate Future Sound Asia’s 10th anniversary event Future at Zouk. Supporting acts LapSap decided to show their idol around KL before he hit the decks, snapping some choice pics while managing a casual interview with JUICE‘s cover boy. Chekkid!

Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha awed by the antiques and the environment at Yut Kee opposite Wilayah Complex. It was his 1st wish to chill and have tea at an old coffee shop. We personally thought it was the ideal spot. The food is dope and has kept its heritage throughout the years.

Alex starts telling us how he started his DJ career. Very interesting.

Our recommendations every time we bring someone to Yut Kee: the French toast, Hokkien mee hoon and chicken chop.

Down to Excessive Records and Alex is checking if the store stocks Boys Noize Records. He’s disappointed that he doesn’t find any, but still buys a few old school techno records. (Interesting factoid: Alex has about 12,000 records in his collection.)

Is XU pretending to browse? Clearly that rack is the battle breaks section. Or is he preparing for Heineken’s upcoming Found @ Thirst competition? Some scratching from XU?!

Excessive Records co-founder Bryan Burger rocks up with an original Oi Oi Oi poster for the man himself to sign. Thumbs up!

Alex kickin’ it with LapSap. He’s having some nasal irritation so he wants to shoot off. After this, it’s straight to the gig next.

Alex carries the same Ed Banger for Eastpak CD bag as Blink! He uses the red Busy P colourway while Blink rocks the blue Colette colourway.

The crowd that made it one of the best gigs of 2010!

Alex and his other half sharing a moment. What a night!