Lapsap It Up

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It was the charge of the Neon Brigade who turned Mardi Gras from the staid shirt-and-tie crowd to something wild and wacky. At least that was the attempt at our monthly The Knowledge with this month being the Nu Rave edition.
The Lapsap duo of 5ft and XU were a promising start with their sets being the bomb of Palate Palette dishing out infectious New Young Pony Club, Klaxons and Hadouken turned up way high. The entourage decked out in the funkiest nu rave outfits you could imagine were, of course, out in full force. And to complete the set, Johnnie Walker introduced their signature Neon mix to toast our awesome-ness and the spirit of nu rave.

Someone should have sent Mardi Gras a memo though. In spite of forces converging for a classic all-party session of The Knowledge, the less-than-amused folks at Mardi Gras were having none of it. We have a dream that one day ALL club owners will abandon their elitism and velvet roping in favour of a more catholic clubbing culture. Oh well.

We got in a good couple of hours of neon raving and that kept us sated til the next The Knowledge session with James Brown and Kool & The Gang (we’re talking funk) on our minds.

Shout outs to Johnnie Walker for their unwavering support of our crazy music-fueled antics!