Lapsap + Dim Mak Junkyard Sale @ Palate Palette

2:00-6:30PM, 31 May 2009 (Hangover Sunday) – Contrary to popular belief, I was not cutting coke with credit cards and rockstar DJs the night before. But, I was up late with thousands of dancing lunatics and a very petite photographer.

In a blink of an eye, it was the next day and the sun was up like a worried dad. Palate Palette was packed full with fans, groupies and connected media people who were mostly connected to each other. I spotted Lapsap and Steve Aoki but mistook a couple of white boys for Sh!tdisco. They are white, this is true.

Anyway, they were all being swamped by barbaric fans so I sat down outside and drank. Friends came and went from my table but then SUDDENLY… Steve Aoki is sitting in front of me.

“Hi Ben!” says Liyana who is from the band Estrella and also my hook up for Steve today. “I told Steve that you wanted to meet him.”

She turns to Mr Aoki, “Steve, this is Ben. He plays for a local punk rock band and writes for JUICE magazine.” I reach for my trusty tape recorder but realise that I left it in the car.


“Are you okay?” asks Steve sounding genuine.

“Uh … yeah … just a cramp from last night. Which reminds me, that was one hell of a show!” I say to save my journalistic integrity.

Steve starts to get excited. “Yeah! That was something! I really enjoy playing here. The people here are crazy. It’s my second time (here) already and I’m still loving it!”

“I read that your father was a pro-wrestler. Was he a colourful character? And did you pick up any of his stage flair?” I query Steve further.

“Haha…. I guess I look more animated and up for it behind the decks because I come from a rock background and used to gig a whole lot. You know how it is at rock gigs, right? So, it’s only natural for me to carry that sort of persona now as a DJ. I mean, lots of people think that DJs are supposed to look composed and super cool behind the decks, but I don’t play house music or anything like that, so it’s very different for me… I mean, I used to sing in a very noisy band when I first started out years ago, so it’s only natural for me to carry on with a more unconventional or a more underground persona. I’m not like house DJs who pose and try to look good since that’s the style of the genre,” explains Steve.

I’m starting to like Steve. Great minds think alike. “That’s very interesting. I’ve always thought that house DJs lack balls. What about your buddy The Cobrasnake? How did you guys meet? You guys don’t look like you belong in the same generation?”

Steve’s eyes start to glow. “I met Cobrasnake like 15 years ago at a Dim Mak event that he went to shoot and we’ve been friends ever since. Yeah, he’s not in my age group but I know a tonne of people from different age groups – I even know a number of cool 60 year olds if you can dig that!”

Soon, Steve excuses himself to go inside, claiming that he “can’t stand the heat” (it was a hot day though cloudy). I follow him in as I was getting sweaty as well.

Inside Palate Palette, The Cobrasnake is sitting alone at a table, drinking and spacing out, so I decide to join him. Slightly balding though hairy like a hippie, I strike up a conversation with the celebrity photographer.

“So what did people call you before you were known as The Cobrasnake?” I ask.

“Oh, just ‘That crazy guy!'” he answers with a demented grin.

Then, Sh!tdisco’s Darren Cullen and Tom Straughan pile in. The 2 scruffy lads, who look like they need a shower badly go, “Hey, did you hear what just happened?”

“What?” I chime in, interest now piqued, although they were obviously directing the question to The Cobrasnake.

“Apparently, Steve Aoki went up to these 2 girls and told them ‘I’ve got about an hour to kill, do you wanna do something?’ Then he left with them!”

Dammit! Steve Aoki gets groupies while I get to write this report. The world is an unfair place for a lonely rock n roll journalist. Hmph… Well, at least I get to wear jeans to work.

Lapsap + Dim Mak Junkyard Sale @ Palate Palette went down on 31 May 2009. Checkout all beautiful people who came down that day in our glorious gallery. And stay tuned for a comprehensive (ie: mabuk gila) interview with Sh!tdisco that took place on the same day.

Image Brenda Goh