Lapsap & Co presents The Locals

While our good friends Lapsap are away making Malaysia proud in Europe, their night lives on! Tomorrow night, Lapsap & Co at Barsonic will be graced by Mixing in Action and Eclectic Botz. 6 DJs in 1 room equals havoc! The 2 DJ collectives were featured in JUICE‘s June issue – ‘New Beats on the Block’. Yes, it’s not just Lapsap tipping them for greatness, it’s us too.

Eclectic Botz (piX above) is no stranger to JUICE fans. Jonvu was a finalist at last year’s JUICE DJ Quest and Mic Ho is the winner of 2007’s Pioneer Digital DJ Battle and finalist in JUICE‘s 2007 DJ Quest. The 2 met at Bryan Burger’s Royale DJ Academy and have since rocked it at Zouk, Maison, Blue Note, Raw and Blanc Le Club as well as notable events like Chemistry and Eight of Clubs.

Mixing in Action (piX below minus An) comprises of Fareen, Jojo, An and Hackeem. It was Fareen and Jojo who initially started Mixing in Action, or MIA for short. They gave up their guitars for decks and have played from the now defunct Loft at Zouk to Crescendolls nights at Cloth & Clef, Electrosexual at Club 9 & SiX Lounge and most recently for WOW at Barsonic with Lapsap. Next up, the boys will be rocking up Urbanscapes at KLPac on 27 June.

So if you have nothing to do on a Saturday night, go settle down at Barsonic with your jugs of Long Island Ice Teas and support your new vanguard of local DJs. Of course, they will be bringing you the fun!

Lapsap & Co presents The Locals featuring Mixing in Action and Eclectic Botz will be held on Saturday 20 June at Barsonic. Go check them out at and Be the first to holla. Hit up the Facebook event page here.

Photos Euseng Seto