Lapsap + Co. Presents Shinichi Osawa & Masatoshi Uemura @ Barsonic

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“It was an all-sweat Electro party!” quips Mr Blink over the phone. And that pretty much sums up the fiasco that happened last Saturday night at Barsonic. Barely half a year old, the section of Zouk that is home to Electro misfits Lapsap, staged Japan dance royalty and tastemaker, Shinichi Osawa, and his partner on the decks, Masatoshi Uemura.

If you still need proof that Electro rules the world, just ask the 200-300 people that couldn’t get into the full house venue. Traffic was like an Obama inauguration parade! And as we slithered our way in, we could hear the line outside growing restless.

Inside, the good ol’ Lapsap boys were doing their thing – pumpin’ up excessive amounts of jerky beats. With barely enough room to dance, everyone was getting close to each other in good party spirit. For people who couldn’t access the bar, drink orders were passed on through helpful strangers. Aww…

This kindred-club-ship was great while it lasted, but by midnight, the alcohol had somehow managed to run dry. Reportedly, like an evil disease, the dry spell spread to the rest of Zouk over the course of the night. Noah would not be pleased.

At about 1 in the morning, Shinichi Osawa and Masatochi Uemura graced the decks. Both DJs are known for their solo sets, but when they come together as Off The Rocker, word is that all hell breaks loose. We heard the word and so did the rest of the crowd. Soon the scene got hotter than a Nelly video in Brickfields! Even Sinden, who spun with Lapsap the night before, came down to join the fun.

By the last hour, everyone was squeezing all that they could get from the party. Seized by the moment, the Lapsap boys led the crowd to some stage diving and were followed by Off The Rocker who apparently have not tried it before. Finally but reluctantly, even their manager got to jump off the decks. To the confused, Blink answers, “You’ve got to be there to feel it!” (but you can get a picture of the mayhem here)

The party ended by 3 and the crowd left with heavy but contented hearts. All that remained in Barsonic was the smell of sweat, cigarette smoke and victory. Viva la Electro!

Lapsap + Co. presents Off The Rocker (Shinichi Osawa & Masatoshi Uemura) drenched Barsonic on 28 February 2009.

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