Lapsap & Co. presents Jack Beats @ Barsonic

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JUICE was slated to meet Jack Beats for dinner and interview at 11pm at Barsonic. We were on the verge of panicking cos we were running late. Great, road block at 11pm. Only in KL. Thankfully after that, everything went smoothly and we reached Zouk at 11.20pm. Wasn’t that late cos they were just getting served dinner at Terrace Bar. Phew! Drama’s finally over, hello to one half of Jack Beats!

I sat down at the table and calmed down with a Heineken while I listened to Beni G of Jack Beats and the rest talk about racing and DJs. We headed over to Zouk’s conference room for the interview. Right after, we headed to Barsonic for Beni’s set-up. Xu of Lapsap is already hitting it hard in the club, where pretense is the last thing in mind. The crowd cheered for Beni as he entered the room and as we followed behind him, we pretended that they were cheering for us! So this is what it’s like.

While the other half of Jack Beats, Niall aka Plus One, was somewhere else in the world for another gig, JUICE got to hang with this half around the DJ console, while awaiting for his turn to jack the decks. It was a back-to-back weekend and we saw a lot of familiar faces from A-Trak’s gig the night before.

The crowd went berserk as Beni went straight into superstar DJ mode with the usual electro, fidget house sound that we have all grown to love. The DJ-crowd connection was definitely smoother compared to A-Trak’s. Even our JUICE DJ Quest Regional 2008 winner Anowl was there right in front of the console, cheering on Jack Beats. We knew it was a sure shot because of the familiarity of music that is a KL favourite. Yes, the scene’s getting quite predictable these days. Despite that, everyone including us had a ball.

It was one of those blur nights when you know you had so much fun, but don’t recall much the morning after. This Jack Beats night definitely pawned A-Trak. Maybe A-Trak would have a better bet if he played at Barsonic, but hey, that’s just us. We love everything intimate.

Can’t wait to see who Zouk brings down next!

Lapsap & Co. pres. Jack Beats was held at Barsonic on 16 May. Check to find out more about Jack Beats. Interview with Beni G coming right up!

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